CBD Products for Dogs

CBD Products for Dogs : 3 great drops to add to your dogs food (plus discounts)!

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CBD can be an extremely helpful aid for many of your dog’s medical issues. However, for some dogs it is best to use a special version of CBD that is different than the one given to humans. Great CBD pet products utilize cold-pressed hemp seed oil, which is specifically designed to aid in easy digestion for dogs.

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CBD Products for Dogs

For both dogs and cats, we’ve always been the biggest fans of Canna-Pet. While there are a lot of online CBD websites that sell dog products, Canna-Pet has been doing what they do for a long time, and really focus specifically on pet wellness. CBDK9 is another one that offers great products made just for dogs.

The following CBD drops, capsules and treats are often used for the more common specific doggy ailments: seizures, aches and pains, anxiety, nausea and aggression. They can be easily added into your dogs meal, treat, or can be squirted directly into your dogs mouth (if your dog is up for it).

For a much bigger list of common dog ailments and recommended treatments, we highly recommend viewing detailed ailment information on Canna-Pet.com here.

CannaPet Drops Discount

Canna-Pet Advanced MaxHemp Liquid

Price: $99

Quantity: 10mL

Coupon: 20% off with coupon new_customer20

Visit canna-pet.com


MediPets Discount Code: Get up to 25% off CBD drops for dogs and cats

MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs [100mg] – CBD Tincture

Price: $49.99

Quantity: 30mL

Coupon: None

Visit MediPetsCBD.com


Canna Companion Capsules Discount Pills (25% discount)

TrueFarma: CannaCompanion Canine

Price: $41 (for large dogs)

Quantity: 30 capsules

Coupon: 25% off with coupon located here

Visit TrueFarma.com


CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture

Price: $30

Quantity: 15mL

Coupon: 10% off with coupon HAPPY5

Visit theCBDistillery.com


MediPets CBD Dog Treats (get up to a 25% discount)

MediPets CBD Dog Treats – Meaty Steak Treats

Price: $39.99

Quantity: 6.50z

Coupon: None

Visit MediPetsCBD.com


CBDK9 Vet Formula Hemp Oil For Dogs

Price: $79

Quantity: 30 mL

Coupon: 15% off with coupon WONDER15

Visit K9CBDOil.co


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Our Best Pet CBD Discounts

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