Fab CBD | 10% Oil Coupon Code: WONDER10

Fab CBD | 20% Oil Coupon Code: WONDER10

Fab CBD offers awesome prices on CBD oil and other types of CBD products. Plus, you can get 10% off when you use the Fab CBD Oil Coupon Code WONDER10.

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How to Use the Fab CBD Oil Coupon Code

Once you’ve added all your desired products to your cart, you can head to the checkout page. There you should see a box labelled ‘Discount’. At that point you can enter the Fab CBD Oil Discount Code: WONDER10 and see 10% fall off your total.

One thing that I really like about Fab CBD’s checkout process is that they show you exactly how the charge is going to appear on your credit card statement. So you don’t need to worry about your credit card company, bank or family/friends seeing just the word ‘CBD’ on any statements. It instead shows up as FABCBD, which just looks like a string of random letters to me. Perhaps Fab CBD knows that some people are sensitive about people taking any type of hemp products, even CBD.

More about Fab CBD

All of the Fab CBD oil products are grown from 100% organically grown hemp from the USA. The thing that is so awesome about Fab CBD is that they actually make all their own products—unlike a lot of CBD websites that are simply marketplaces for a variety of different brands. In comparison, Fab CBD makes CBD Oil, CBD Topical and CBD Chews—and I expect we’ll see a lot more from them in the future.

All their products are wonderfully branded and labelled, so you really know what is in the product you are putting in your body. Everything is all natural, organically grown, lab tested and of the highest purity. The interesting thing about the labeling at Fab CBD is that they actually have a suggested dose on there. I haven’t seen this with a lot of other CBD oil places. They suggest trying 15 drops one to two times per day. I expect that this amount will vary per person based on your size, metabolism, and any resistance you’ve built up to CBD.

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